Thursday WOD:

 It looks like strict pull ups and chest to bar are ranked very high on the goal list, so here's a little accessory work that may help build up those pulling muscles :)

SkillThe goal board says alot of you want to get those strict pull ups so let's start conquering those and chest to bar!  Even if you have strict pull ups down, i'm sure you'd benefit from being able to do more!
5x10  lat pull downs with band
5x8 Bent over barbell rows
5x10 Ring rows
*Rest 45-60 seconds between sets depending on how heavy the work load is for you


Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)16 Minute EMOM
1-5 strict pull ups
2-30 Double Unders
3-30 second handstand hold
4-100m run
*sub strict ring rows or jumping deficit pull ups for pull ups. No bands allowed
*Run and Handstand hold count for one rep each