This is who we are and

how we came together as a family.

Staci Fujimoto - Owner/Head Coach

Owners Lisa Setiawati and Staci Fujimoto

Owners Lisa Setiawati and Staci Fujimoto

Born and raised on the island of Maui, Staci has always been an athlete and well respected fitness fanatic. Whether she was on the basketball court, running miles on the streets, or stacking plates at the gym, her lifestyle was always an active one. In 2013, she finally got tired of the same old routine and was eager to try something new and challenging. Although Staci was always hesitant to give the sport of CrossFit a try, she found herself, two feet in the door at Maui CrossFit Extreme. It is here that her realfitness journey began. Always being one of the best at the sports she played, CrossFit was a humbling experience, and one that challenged her to become a better, stronger athlete. It was in the camaraderie and community of CrossFit that Staci’s passion for fitness and helping others to reach their highest potential finally led her to a career in personal training and CrossFit coaching that she had always dreamt of. Staci established her personal fitness training entity, Empower Fitness Maui in 2015 and is currently co-owner at Maui CrossFit Extreme. Staci is a CrossFit Level One coach, certified personal fitness trainer, and certified fitness nutrition specialist. She also holds her BA in interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis in human relations, and is first aid/CPR/AED certified. Her incredible drive, motivational demeanor, and compassionate way of life are some of the things that make her an incredible coach.

Lisa Setiawati - Owner/Business Manager/L1 Coach

Margie Kawaiaea - L1 Coach

Adam Studzinski - L1 Coach

Daniel Uehara - L1 Coach

Christine Marsh - L1 Coach